River of Dreams

I hope you have somehow recovered from the excitement of England winning the Cricket World Cup at Lords last Sunday. What a match! I cannot remember ever seeing an ending to a game like it. The Drama and tension was almost unbearable. But we got the job done by the skin of our teeth. I am not a massive Cricket fan. But that was quality.

It does seem we like to win World Cups in all of the men’s sports at the death with a heart stopping moment. Take Geoff Hurst’s third goal right as the whistle blew in 1966 with that famous commentary accompanying it. To win our first and so far only football World Cup. Not to mention the late drop goal by Johnny Wilkinson to win us the Rugby World Cup in 2003.

In England we really do like doing things the hard way. It was a great moment and I was pleased to witness it live on the television. I still do hope that I will get to see the football team win another World Cup. In my life time. Having missed the last victory by a mere ten years. While we are talking sport, congratulations to the ace Lewis Hamilton. Who won the British Grand Prix for a record sixth time last weekend.

Neil Quigley
Neil Quigley

I have had another busy and fun couple of weeks. When I was about to make my stand-up comedy debut. I tweeted a few comedians for some advice. One of the ones who came back to me was Al Murray. I have been a fan of his for ages. I saw him live at the Octagon Theatre in Yeovil. Around twelve years ago. I spotted that he was coming to the Wycombe Swan. I do still follow him on Twitter. So I knew that he normally runs a ticket competition via the social media site. On the day of the gig.

As it happened that day I was at home and free. Therefore, as I really wanted to see his latest show. I made sure I kept a very close eye on his Twitter. When he asked the question for the chance to win some tickets. I made sure I was the first person to reply with the correct answer. He then offered me some tickets for that evening. Which I gratefully accepted. My cunning plan had been a complete success.

Neil Quigley Stand Up Comedy
Neil Quigley Stand Up Comedy

Al Murray performs of course, as his alter ego The Pub Landlord. It is amazing how many people on his Twitter page fail miserably to make this distinction. They cannot seem to be able to see that he is playing a character on stage. I turned up at The Swan to collect my ticket left for me on the door. I got myself a pint of my favourite beer, Rebellion IPA. Which they now serve there. Then I took my seat.

Al starts the show as always pouring pints on stage, spilling them on the front row. Then hailing the ale and welcoming in the wine. It is a bit of fun, it gets the audience involved from the off. And sets up the pub feel to the gig. As basically the landlord is preaching with the bar as his lectern in his boozer. As ever, he is pretty brutal and does not pull any punches.

The first half was fantastic and very funny. At the interval I grabbed myself another pint. At the start of the second half. He gives you the chance to grab a quick picture of him on stage. He poses twice. The first is a wave and the second possibly a more Landlord like gesture. At this point he asked where the competition winners were. I put my hand up and suffered a bit of good-natured abuse for my trouble. All good fun! Totally accurate and completely deserved.

The second half was also brilliant. It is a topical show. This means Politics and Brexit feature. Al himself is a big fan of military history. This is a theme running through one of the routines. As he is such an expert. It was actually quite educational about many of the wars that the country has been involved in. It was also fairly amusing, how the “Landlord” dealt with having seen Bohemian Rhapsody. And what he may have learnt about Freddie Mercury from it.

He is a top quality, clever and funny comedian. I really enjoyed it. If your jaws ache on the way back from a comedy gig. You know, you have had a great time. As well as the intelligently written material. Al is also very good at interacting with and getting laughs from the audience. You cannot beat a night of live comedy. Laughter is good for the soul.

Al Murray

I went to one of the preview performances of the new version of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolored Dreamcoat” At the iconic London Palladium. It is a musical I have always loved. And I have seen it a few times in the past. The songs are all so catchy and so tempting to sing along to. There were also a couple of other reasons, why this production appealed to me. And why I wanted to see it.

Firstly it stars Sheridan Smith. Who I think is fantastic. I tried to see her in Funny Girl. When she was in that. But I managed to get tickets on a night. She was not on. I did manage to see her sing at Children in Need last year. But this was finally my chance to catch her on stage performing in a musical. Then there was also the chance to see Jason Donovan do his thing live to.

As I said it is a new version of the show. Obviously the songs and the story remain the same. But it is slightly re-imagined. Sheridan plays the Narrator. And is the star of the show. She is on the stage pretty much the entire time. And she really drives and leads the story. The set-up is that she is a teacher telling the story to her class. Who are there throughout, as the story unfolds. There are a few other twists and surprises to. But I do not want to give away any spoilers.

Jason Donovan makes a brilliant cameo appearance as the Pharaoh. His costume, make up, style and all round performance is excellent. Jac Yarrow makes his West End debut as Joseph. His voice is quality and his stage presence is good. So I suspect we will see him in plenty more shows over the years. I really liked the quirkiness and in many ways more light-hearted approach to this classic tale.

Something happened during it. That I had never witnessed before. At the end of one of the numbers. The stage managers started to call the actors off stage. Then they came on to tell the remaining ones to get off. At which point the safety curtain came down. The show had been stopped.

Then there was an announcement saying that the performance had been suspended. Due to a technical fault. At first they were hoping to resolve it within five minutes. The audience were asked to stay in our seats. Which we duly did. In the end we were waiting for about twenty minutes. With many different rumours starting to go round the theatre.

Eventually the curtain went up again. And standing there were the show’s Director and Producer. They explained what had happened. The sound desk had gone dead. It took a while, but they got it fixed. They apologised and then thanked us for our patience. Before the performance resumed. Just before the point at which they had to stop it.

The show then continued as planned. At the interval I had another glass of the very drinkable Rioja. They serve at this great venue. I thought Sheridan Smith was fantastic. I felt that you could not take your eyes off her. She really does know how to hold and captivate an audience. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing. If you do fancy a fun and upbeat night out. Go and see this show. But be quick, as it is only on for a short time. Until the 8th September.

Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Since I did some work with Regatta Radio. And got to watch rowing for the first time. Managing to meet a few rowers and learn a little bit about the sport. I do now try to get to the Henley Regatta, on at least one of the days, every year. I have over the years had a fun time there, seeing the racing from on the riverbank. And also from a boat going up and down the course. This year a friend of mine invited me to go along and enjoy it with him.

I was staying at his house. So I got the bus to Henley. And then just walked to his house. To drop off my stuff and get changed in to my suit. The traffic getting in and out of the place during Regatta week is a bit of a nightmare. But the queues were not too bad by the time I arrived. My mate Mike Sterling managed to get us tickets to enjoy all the action from Phyllis Court. This is a Private Members Club with grounds that back right on to the river.

We got there around two in the afternoon. We grabbed ourselves some meat and salad for lunch. And as luck would have it. They had Rebellion beer there. So I had a pint of that. We then made our way down to the river to watch the afternoon session of racing. We got a table to sit at and a jug of Pimms. To enjoy the rowing in the glorious sunshine. At that moment in time, I do not know if I could have been anymore English, if I had tried.

Henley Royal Regatta

It is exciting and yet very relaxing watching the crews row past you. At the end of the session we headed back to the lawn of the club. To have a hog roast and a glass of Champagne. Both of which were ace. We then went for a drink in one of the pubs in Henley. On the way we stopped briefly to see the grave stone of the legendary English singer Dusty Springfield. Who had spent her final years living in the town.

We ended the night in a nice Restaurant. As Mike was performing in there. It was good fun. He is a top live performer. I do enjoy it when he sings. It was a very sociable night. In fact, as we were talking to the owners for ages after the gig. We did not get back to his place until about 4.30am. Proving that I am very much still Rock n Roll. Well at least I am occasionally. Another wonderful day and night spent having fun with friends.

Mike Sterling and Neil Quigley

My mum wanted to go and visit the Tower of London. My sister also expressed an interest in coming along. The other Wednesday I took them both there for the day. My mum had been to see the amazing Poppy display there a few years ago. But she had not actually been inside the walls of the famous landmark. Since she was just a little girl. Coincidentally the last and only time I had visited it. I was just eight years old. My sister however had been there within the last ten years, so she became our designated expert on the place.

Tower Of London

We got off the tube at London Bridge Station. As my Mum had never walked across Tower Bridge. We ticked this off her list on the way to the Tower. I had sensibly pre-booked the tickets. So I picked them up from the group bookings window. Bypassing all the queues. As they say, you cannot buy experience. The guy on the ticket desk was very helpful as well, which was good. On entry we decided to go and see the Crown Jewels first. As at this point the queues were not too bad.

On the way in my sister stopped for a chat with the first ever female Yeoman Warder. Who she recognised from a documentary that she had seen. About five years ago. The jewels were stunning. The gold and precious stones within that building are exceptional.

Tower Of London

Not to mention the history behind them. I was impressed by the fact that the current State Crown apparently contains Pearls, thought to be from Elizabeth I’s necklace. Just let that sink in for a second. How old they would be now. The security is rightly tight. You are basically viewing these items from within a vault. If you do go check out those doors on the way in and out. Thick does not even cover it.

After the Jewels we went to the White Tower. To see all the Armour. I am not saying that Henry VIII was may be trying to make some sort of statement about his inability to sire a son. But the size of the cod piece. On one of his sets of Armour on display is a thing of beauty. It also contains quite a few of the weapons from that era. And it is fair to say they were brutal. Everything from swords right up to muskets and very early pistols are there to see. In fact there is even an actual golden gun, near the end.

Tower Of London

Next up, we just made a short talk on the Ravens. Delivered at their cages. That was interesting and reconfirmed the legend. That if the Raven’s leave the Tower, then London will fall. Although we are safe, as all of the birds are born there. They are very territorial creatures. And are very well looked after. So basically those birds are not going anywhere.

We stopped for some sandwiches, cake and a nice cup of tea in the Cafe. It turns out sight-seeing and reminding yourself about English history is hungry and thirsty work. Once we were totally refreshed. We went on one of the guided tours. Taken by the Yeoman Warders. To become one of them, by the way. You have to have served in the Military for at least twenty-two years. And have reached the rank of at least Sergeant Major. So what I am saying is, that it is not an easy gig to get.

The tour was really interesting and I learnt quite a bit about the Tower and its history. It has had so many different uses over the years. And of course many well-known visitors. I am very much pro the Royal Family. As of course was our guide. He did make a good point. Last year the Royal Family brought two hundred and sixty-nine million pounds in to the country. Which then in turn goes to our Government. They then give the Queen. The annual Sovereign Grant of forty-five million pounds.

The tour finishes outside the Chapel. Where Ann Boleyn is thought to be buried. Which is still an active church. Used by the people who live within the Tower walls. There is a small community that live in the Tower. It sounds fun, but the place is locked at 7pm every night. Meaning if you are in you cannot get out and if you are out. You will not be able to get back in. Until it is reopened the following morning. On the plus side the Yeoman Warders do have their own pub onsite. So I know where I would be most nights. If I lived there.

Tower Of London

We walked around the walls overlooking what used to be the moat. And of course the Thames. At one point we noticed Tower Bridge was being raised. So we stopped to watch. Expecting it to be a big exciting boat coming through. Then up the river comes what is a small unimpressive vessel with a huge mask. I am not going to lie to you, it was slightly disappointing.

We then visited as many of the other Towers. That we could before the venue closed to the public. This included one, where one of the old kings lived. It was decorated how it was believed that he had it. We also looked around the Army Exhibition. Which contained a bust of both Hitler and Mussolini.

Tower Of London

There were a couple of interactive bits. One of which was a Soldiers back pack. The challenge was, if you could lift it up or not. I could just about lift it up. Which I was quite pleased about. Until you read that it is only a quarter of the weight. That actual Royal Marines carry on their backs. Total respect to them there.

It was a lovely day with my Mum and Sister. I really enjoyed looking around the Tower of London. And seeing things I had not seen since I was a kid. We stopped off for a KFC on the way home. As I know how to treat ladies properly. Everybody had a good time. So it was a total success. Another well-known place. That is certainly worth a visit.

Tower bridge

My sister has a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel called Keira. She is a lovely dog but is twelve years old now. So she is starting to feel her age a bit. To keep her joints moving and strong. She has to do these regular Hydro-therapy sessions. I went along to one of these with my sister last week.

Basically they have a treadmill. You can fill with water. The dog gets in. Then they fill the water up to her belly. Then she has to do several sets walking on the running machine under water. It is quite funny to see. It looks like quite a tough work out, though.

The dog is not a natural exerciser. And requires someone at one end with treats to encourage her to walk at the required pace. I am half thinking about getting someone to do this with cakes and chocolate for me. The next time I go to a gym. As I think that might improve my performance.

Dog Gym Work out

Have fun and we will catch up again in a couple of weeks. Cheers Neil.

By Royal Appointments

I hope you enjoyed last Saturday. It was gorgeous. Sunny and warm. In fact it actually saw me getting my legs out and donning a pair of shorts. My rule is that I will only wear them if the temperature is above twenty five degrees Celsius. Unless I am playing sport. We have had quite a few pleasant days. They have just not been as hot. As I would have liked them to be in the main.

I was lucky enough to make two visits to Royal Ascot this year. I was there on the first and last day of the festival of horse racing. On the Tuesday I took my Dad there for the first time. We set off suited and booted. To get the train to the Berkshire course. This involved going into London first. To then get the tube to Waterloo. Just to alleviate any doubt wearing a three piece suit on the Underground is like you are in a Sauna. Which coincidentally is somewhere else people rarely talk to each other. And also avoid eye contact.

Royal Ascot 2019

We managed to get a seat on the busy train from Waterloo to Ascot. It might have been the best dressed train in the world. It is not every day. Everyone in a carriage is wearing at least a suit. If not as in many cases Top Hat and Tails. It is wrong to portray stereotypes of course. But everyone did seem to be very friendly and nice to each other. So there may be something in the way people dress. And the way they behave. At least in public, possibly before they have started drinking too much.

Sadly it was a bit of a wet and showery day. We were undecided if we should bring jackets or something to fend off the rain. In the end my Dad did not bring anything. I brought the world’s smallest umbrella. Which I got for three Euros when I was in Rome. It was all we had. So when it started raining as we arrived. I had to try to use it to keep the both of us dry. As we walked up the busy road to the entrance. With limited success. We got in to the Queen Anne Enclosure and happily the rain eased a little.

We grabbed a rather nice Chicken Burger for lunch. Got a couple of race cards to study. Then somehow managed to get ourselves a seat undercover at one of the outside bars. Where we treated ourselves to a glass of beer. Then it was time to take our place at the Parade Ring to watch the Queen arrive.

The Queen

She is a massive racing ran and she loves this meeting. She has not missed one single day of Royal Ascot since 1953. And to be fair to her that was because it was the day of her Coronation. Therefore she did have a slightly more pressing engagement that particular day.

I have said it before, I am a big fan of the Queen and the Royals. I think they are great ambassadors for the country. They bring in a lot of tourism from abroad. And they are well loved and respected all over the world. The Queen for me is an amazing lady. Always acting perfectly in every situation. I wish I could learn that skill. I have to admit I really enjoy watching her arrive. Normally on the first day a lot of the family come along to support her.

I got a really good position to see them all arrive. The Queen was no more than about five metres away from me. When she went past in her horse drawn carriage. Also in the procession and going right by me were Prince Andrew, Princess Anne, The Countess of Wessex, Prince Charles, Camilla Duchess of Cornwall, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie. Plus the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. I am totally convinced that Prince William waved at me as he went past

With the Queen in attendance and the Royal Standard flying on top of the stand. It was time to get the racing underway. I had a terrible day on the betting front. And did not have any winners. In any of the six races. My Dad however did have two winners. During the races we grabbed some Fish and Chips. They were tasty. The standard of food on offer was generally pretty good.

Royal Ascot 2019

After the racing had finished for the day. We had another drink at one of the many bars in the enclosure. We then went to a pub on the High Street in Ascot. For one more final drink. As we waited for our taxi home to arrive. It was a fun and enjoyable day. Despite the rain. The quality of the races was excellent. They were almost all close run things with exciting finishes. I then watched the next three days of the festival from home. And happily did rather better on the betting front.

The final day of Royal Ascot this year. I was back in another three piece suit. At the house of two very good friends. Getting ready to jump in a taxi and once again make my way to the world famous race course. Before we left, we had a glass of fizz to toast the day ahead. This time it was a dry and sunny day. Which does just put everyone in a much better mood.

Royal Ascot 2019

After a pretty decent walk from where our taxi dropped us off. We entered the Queen Anne Enclosure. As I had been there just a few days before I took our group on a short tour. To help them find their way around. Then we went and got ourselves a drink. Well it would have been rude not to.

I was back in the Parade Ring again to watch the Queen arrive. Then it was on to the day’s racing. I managed to pick the winner of the first and third race. So I was a bit more successful than my previous visit. A bit earlier in the week. We had a few drinks during the afternoon. It was all very sociable.

Royal Ascot 2019

We got talking to lots of different people from all over the country. At one point a very beautiful women. Who I can only presume must have been a little drunk. Stopped me to tell me what gorgeous blue eyes I had. As she walked past me. I will take that compliment all day long. And for the record I do have nice eyes.

At the end of racing everyday. They have a traditional sing-song at the Bandstand in the Queen Anne Enclosure. I made sure that I was down there right in the middle of it all. The band are the Band of the Coldstream Guards. And they are absolutely brilliant.

A singer joins them for about forty-five minutes. It is just classic song after classic song with the whole of Ascot joining in. It is so much fun and a real feel good part of the day. At the end of the last song on the last day. There was ticker tape everywhere. It looked amazing. This is always one of my highlights of the day at Royal Ascot.

Royal Ascot 2019

After I had finished my Pimms that accompanied my partying around the bandstand. I got another beer and rejoined my friends. We then discovered an open air disco on the course. And spent a good hour or so dancing there. I can confirm I have definitely still got all of the moves. The DJ was playing some top tunes.

As we were leaving the race course. We randomly saw the former footballer Andy Cole. We were on our way to another pub again in Ascot. To have a final drink to celebrate a fun and very enjoyable day. We met a few more new “friends” in there. Before getting a taxi home. It is such a epic event. You get to dress up, see some great racing, do a bit of partying and have a few drinks. What is not to like? I will be going there again next year, for sure. And I cannot wait.

Royal Ascot 2019

In a piece of genius timing. The day after my second visit to Royal Ascot. A good friend of mine had organised a game of Foot Golf. For his birthday over in Milton Keynes. Happily it did not start until early afternoon. And I managed to get a lift over there. So I did not have to drive. I had played the game once before. At a course near to the famous Pinewood Studios. I had been rubbish on my debut. And I was hoping to put in a better performance this time round.

There were eight of us in total. So we split up into two groups of four. I have always considered myself a pretty decent footballer. And have played for some good teams and been fairly successful within them. But I do seem to really struggle with Foot Golf. I was terrible at it once again. In fact we had one hole. Where we all had to use our weakest foot. And unbelievably this was the hole that I did the best on. The only one I won. So may be I am actually left footed. And have been using the wrong foot during my “career”.

Despite me being awful at it. It was a good laugh. And great fun. The birthday boy won overall in the end, very fittingly. Afterwards we got a bite to eat and had a drink in the club house. Which was a perfect way to round off the afternoon. I would certainly play another game of it at some point in the future. Purely on the basis that I cannot get any worse at it. Mind you I am still better at that, than I am at actual golf.

Foot Golf

I was lucky enough to get to see the new Gloria Estefan musical “On Your Feet” the day before its Press Night. It has been a massive hit on Broadway for the last few years. She and her husband Emilio are very involved in the production. In fact it was their idea to do it in the first place. It features so many of her amazing back catalogue of hits. I have been a fan of her music for years and remember listening to it quite a bit as a teenager.

The show is all about Gloria and Emilio’s lives. Both of their families were immigrants from Cuba. Trying to make their way in America. In a way they came from almost identical backgrounds. It tells the story of how they met. And how they managed to take their Cuban Sound and conquer not just America but the world with their music. Gloria had the songs, the voice and the stage presence. While Emilio was a great producer and businessman.

They make a great partnership in life and in work. Which causes a bit of friction with Gloria’s family at times. It is a real life story, so it does include the terrible bus crash. That she was badly injured in. But it is basically an inspiring and uplifting tale. Showing how love, hard work and desire to succeed can make your dreams come true. The cast are excellent. The band and overall sound are spot on. And the dancers are stunning, as are their routines.

As I said earlier the whole thing is carried along nicely by the great songs. You do not win twenty-six Grammy’s for nothing. At the end the whole audience were up on their feet swaying their hips and all joining in. The rhythm is gonna get you. And there is nothing you can do about it. A powerful and uplifting show. Where the good guys, all win in the end. Worth seeing if you want to learn about the Estefan’s while enjoying a bit of the Cuban Beat.

On Your Feet

Last Sunday it was the latest Tringe Festival Roving Comedy Night. I have been lucky enough to perform at this event in 2012 and 2017. It is so much fun. This year I was there to watch and support the new class of 2019. All make their stand up debuts in Tring. Just like I had done seven years ago. It is always a brilliant night. And this one did not disappoint.

Neil Quigley
Neil Quigley

I was in The Castle. I like to try a different pub every time I go and see it. The stage was set up in the beer garden. The way it works is, the Roving Comedians go around four pubs in groups of three. They have a professional comedian with them. Who then headlines their mini show. The “Rovers” get five minutes each and the Pro’s get ten minutes. The compere at The Castle was the brill Joe Jacobs, who I had previously seen perform at The Musical Comedy Awards up in London. A couple of months ago.

Joe Jacobs opened the night, warmed up the crowd, introduced the three trainee comedians, who were all great. Then he welcomed to the stage the first headliner of the night. The always hilarious Silky. He has been involved with this pretty much since it started. He is always quality. After my debut in 2012. I gave him a lift back to his hotel. I have been harassing him whenever he appears at this event, ever since.


There is a short break before the set up is repeated. The next lot of first timers and the second headliner. Who was the fantastic Jayde Adams. The professional comedian with the next batch of Tring new bees was the wonderful Rich Wilson. Who is always a top quality act. I have seen him a couple of times before and he has always made me laugh.

Lastly we had two more of the Rovers. Before the last headliner of the night. The very funny Ben Norris. Who closed the show with a brilliant set. Well done to all the Roving Comedy performers. You were all brilliant. And I hope you enjoyed it, half as much as I did when I did it. You smashed it! It was another very enjoyable gig.

Ben Norris

Afterwards I went to The Kings Arms to gatecrash the after show party. As I know from my time’s doing it. This is the place where we all end up. I managed to have a quick chat with the lovely Silky. He had been performing at Glastonbury and had driven up specially to be part of things in Tring. He is brilliant bloke and a very funny man. So do try and see him live, if you get the chance.

I also managed to grab a quick word with the man who puts the whole Tringe Festival together. The fantastic Ben Moorhouse. It was great to see and talk to so many other “Roving Comedy” comics. From all of the different years. That it has been running. We all have a common bound and shared experience.

Lastly I got to speak to my comedy guru and teacher the resplendent Logan Murray. Every comedian who makes their stand up comedy debut on the Roving Comedy Night. As part of the process attends an eight week comedy master class with Logan.

And not only is he stupidly funny. He is also such a nice and lovely person. It was brill to catch up with him briefly. He seemed rightly proud of his latest batch of students. Who he had now set free out in to the world of comedy. A fantastic night. I look forward to going to see it again next year.

Logan Murray
Logan Murray

It was also the Glastonbury Festival last weekend. I was there back in 2007 when The Killers last headlined the Pyramid Stage. I camped there for three days in the the backstage area with VIP access. And I must say it was brilliant. This year I had to make do with watching all the action from the comfort of my own house. And with the use of a clean toilet, anytime I wanted it. It was tough but I survived it.

Neil Quigley at Glastonbury
Neil Quigley at Glastonbury

I did watch The Killers set. And I thought they were fantastic. I mean they are from Las Vegas, so they should know how to put on a show. Brandon Flowers is a great front man. You cannot take your eyes off him and he really sustains the audiences attention. I think he might have pretended to the rest of the band that they were not going to dress up for it. And then at the last minute went out and got himself a stand out suit. But lets face it, nine times out of ten, the singer will be wearing the most elaborate clothes.

Their guests on stage were a bit random. Jimmy Carr made a brief cameo sweeping the stage. They were then joined by the Pet Shop Boys for a couple of songs. I can only imagine the pop duo had not seen the weather forecast. As they turned up in winter coats and a hat. Then they were replaced by Johnny Marr. To finish things off. I thought they closed the Saturday night perfectly. A lot of their big songs work really well in this kind of arena.

School of Rock
School of Rock

I also caught Liam Gallagher’s performance. That man definitely has the swagger to own that stage on such an occasion. He did a mixture of his own songs alongside a few classic Oasis anthems. It did amuse me. When he did Rock N Rock Star. And then straight after it started moaning that he was cold. As someone had advised him not to wear his Parker. Living the dream. Rock excess is not dead! Excellent set from him. Looked and sounded the part. Completely as expected.

The artist I was most excited about seeing perform this year was the lovely Kylie Minogue. I really did wish I was in that cow field in Pilton to watch her fill the legends slot. This pain was eased slightly by the fact that I got to see her play at Radio 2’s Festival in a Day at Hyde Park last September. She was sensational that day.


I thought she was totally amazing. Her choice of songs were perfect. To reflect her thirty years in the business. She has during that time released at lot of very good pop songs. Songs we all know and love. And can sing along to. I thought she looked stunning in each of the outfits she wore. However four outfit changes in a hour set at the biggest festival in the country. Is possibly a little bit over the top.

She was clearly enjoying herself. Which was fantastic to see. She was meant to headline Glastonbury back in 2005. But unfortunately she had to pull out when she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Happily as we now know that story ended well. And she got to appear on the stage finally. And do her thing in a massive field in Somerset. I am a huge fan of hers. She always puts on such a great show. She is very hardworking. And I get the impression, she is lots of fun. Nice one Kylie!

Neil Quigley
Neil Quigley

Have fun and we will catch up again in a couple of weeks. Cheers Neil.