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Edinburgh Fringe 2019

It is no secret that I am a massive fan of comedy in all of its many forms. I have in the past done a little bit of stand up myself. This is something I still hope to do more of at some point in the future. It is great fun to do, if not a little bit terrifying. Having tried it I have huge admiration for anybody who gets up on stage and tells jokes. It is not as easy as many of the world’s comics make it look. But the buzz you get when it goes well is possibly unbeatable.

Neil Quigley
Neil Quigley

Last year I made my first ever visit to the famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I had such a brilliant time, that I headed up to the Scottish capital for a few days once again this August. The whole thing runs for around three weeks. I went for a long weekend, around the half way point. The city is totally rammed with people. As not only is it a great tourist attraction in its own right. But the Edinburgh Military Tattoo is also on. Not to mention the World’s biggest Arts event that I was in town for.

Therefore it does pay to have a great deal of patience and a decent sense of humour. Which I think is also a useful thing to possess when attending a comedy festival. The plan for my trip was to try to see as many shows as I possibly could. I decided to take the train this time, having flown previously. On the journey up there this did not quite go completely as I intended. I got the train from my home into Kings Cross in London, which went fine.

Somehow when at Kings Cross however I managed to get on the late running 10.30am train. Instead of the 11am departure that I had pre booked my seat on. In my defence there was nothing on the board at the platform but people said the train was going to Edinburgh. I had no idea previous train was late. I thought I was just getting on a little bit early. When I got to the seat printed on my ticket it did not match my journey. I thought at this point the train company had made the mistake, not me. It was not until we pulled away ten minutes before we were due to leave, that I realised I was on the wrong train.

Neil Quigley standing on the train to Edinburgh

The guard kindly let me stay on and complete my journey. But it did mean that I had no guaranteed seat now. I ended up standing by the toilets until we reached Darlington and a place became free. Not the ideal start to my Fringe experience. But in a way it was fitting that as I was going to a comedy festival, my travel plans were turning into a scene from a sitcom. That was the sort of thing that Mr Bean would probably do, as it happened the train I was now on was running late. So I arrived in Edinburgh about an hour later than I was supposed to anyway, despite accidentally catching an earlier train.

On arrival I walked straight to my accommodation. I never went to University so never got the chance to stay in student digs. Edinburgh is a massive place for study now. Therefore is full of such buildings. I figured I only needed somewhere basic to sleep, as I would be at gigs most of the time. I booked a room in some student flats. It was pretty simplistic but did have a bed, shower and a toilet. That was all I really needed. As I checked in at the front desk the member of staff I spoke to was also from Buckinghamshire, small world.

Before I went exploring I quickly nipped out to the local shop to get some emergency supplies for the room, two big bottles of water and a packet of Jaffa Cakes. Which I believe is what Bear Grylls packs in his survival back pack. The Edinburgh Fringe has a great website on which you can book tickets to all the shows. Pay for them on line and then pick them up from various box offices around the city. I had two shows organised for that evening. Which I grabbed the tickets for at a ticket outlet on the Royal Mile.

I just had time to have a quick Lasagne and chips at Pizza Express. Then I made my way to my first gig of the weekend. That was Paul McCaffrey and his current show “Lemon”. I had seen him do some new material at the Old Rope Comedy Club in London and had really enjoyed it. Therefore I was looking forward to seeing his full show. It was excellent. He is a very personable and likeable performer, who is very funny. Hilarious jokes and spot on observations. He was at one of the many Underbelly venues. It was the perfect start to this year’s Fringe fun!

Neil Quigley

There are lots of very different venues all over Edinburgh. A lot of the bigger ones have several rooms in the same place, different bar areas and food outlets. My favourite one of these is the Pleasance Courtyard. They always have amazing acts on and I like the feel and atmosphere of the place. It is somewhere that I would tend to hang out at if I had some time between the shows that I was seeing.

It was there I headed for my next gig. That was Alun Cochrane with his “Brave New Alun” show in the Cabaret Bar. I have been listening to a lot of the Frank Skinner podcasts recently. Alun is on with Frank, which is one of the reasons that I went and saw him. I was aware of him prior to his new association with Absolute Radio. His show was fantastic. The content was properly funny. And as it happens I agree with the way he views comedy and also the intricacy of the current climate. When you are telling jokes with no other thoughts or angle other than just simply trying to make people laugh.

After a pint and a Crepe filled with Lemon and Sugar I called an end to night one and returned to my student flat to get some sleep. Not sure I missed out not going to University. I was disappointed to see that there were not any parties to attend when I got back to where I was staying. I got a decent night’s sleep. In the morning my first job was to work out what shows I was going to see that day and to book all the tickets for them online.

Neil Quigley

The intention for my two full days there were to witness five shows a day. Before I left the flat on Friday morning I had all of that day’s gigs sorted. The first one started at midday. I had to grab breakfast on the way there, so I let the golden arches and Ronald the Clown take care of that for me. My first gig of day two was Michael Legge and his new show “The Idiot” on at the Stand Comedy Club. He was drawn to my attention by other comedians mentioning him on Twitter. Reading a few of his observations online convinced me to see him.

He was brilliant. He does have quite an angry and aggressive style of delivery but it’s all carefully constructed and very funny. At first I did not share his radical views on the many silent disco groups around. However as the weekend went on and I kept getting trapped in the middle of them. I quickly came round to his way of thinking. This one is possibly not for the faint hearted with some of the subjects that he mentions but I loved it.

Next it was a bit of a gear change as I headed off to The Pleasance Dome to see “Late Lunch with Biggins” I met and interviewed the legend that is Christopher Biggins, when I was working at Ivel fm in Somerset. Not long after he won I’m A Celebrity. He is such a nice and lovely person. His show at the Fringe this year is a kind of chat show. He is introduced on stage and starts off by telling a few jokes and a few stories from his long and varied career.

Then one by one he brings on his three guests. At the performance I was at these were the super talented impressionist Ronni Ancona, who was ace. Then we had one of the stars of The Tap Pack dance show. And finally a Scottish Chemistry teacher who is also a LGBT activist. Whose school does a lot of great work in that area. It was a really enjoyable and very funny show. Biggins knows and is friends with the whole of show business. He has some great anecdotes. I mean anyone who can name drop Frank Sinatra, gets my vote.


In between shows I was just grabbing quick drinks and some food. If you want to maximise the amount of things you see, it is advisable to stick to a tight schedule. The next comedian I saw was the wonderful Hayley Ellis. The reason I went to see her is that she recently was the support act for Sarah Millican. And I spotted her recommendation. I was really pleased I caught her. She was fantastic. I thought she had a lovely manner and style about her, very likeable. Her show is called “Nobody Puts Hayley in the corner”

I would definitely recommend you go and see it if you can. It is real, honest and expertly put together. She is certainly somebody to keep an eye out for. I suspect and hope that you may hear about her more over the next couple of years. I thoroughly enjoyed her performance. I even got to slightly join in at one point, which I like. Plus there was a chance of sustaining an injury at the end. Which I suspect would of been a unique incident even for one of these no blame, no claim sort of places.

Show number four was to see a lovely comedian whose work I have been aware of for many years. We follow each other on Twitter. And have had occasional interaction on there. But up until this point I had not seen him perform live. He is Tony Cowards and his show is called “Stepdad Jokes”. He is a classic one liner comic and possibly the king of the puns. Add to that the fact that he is such a friendly and totally inclusive performer. It was a joyful experience.

I thoroughly enjoyed the show. It contains lots of not only very funny but very clever jokes. One of the other comedians mentioned this at a later date but there does seem to be a high number of Doctors in the Fringe Audiences. There were two at this gig for starters. They must love their comedy. I managed to have a very quick chat with him after the show, which was great. He gigs all over the country. If you get the chance do try and catch him.

Neil Quigley
Neil Quigley

The final show on day two of my Fringe was one I did not think that I would get to see as her normal daily shows had sold out. Luckily for me she was doing a couple of extra weekend only performances. And I managed to get a ticket for one of those. I had seen this lady host a night at the Old Rope Comedy in London a few years ago. Her show in Edinburgh last year got excellent reviews. And this latest one was possibly going down even better. Maybe helped a bit by her winning appearance on the last series of the Dave TV Show Task Master.

I am taking about the hilarious Lou Sanders. Her latest show is called “Say Hello to Your New Step Mummy”. I got a front row seat to enjoy the action. It was totally brilliant. She is extremely funny and unique in her style and her material. I can guarantee you there are no other comedians doing jokes on some of the topics she covers. Personally I love the way she portrays herself on stage. The jokes and writing are very clever. It all just works. She is on the up and up at the minute. It comes to London at the Soho Theatre in a couple of months. Go and see it and have a bloody good laugh.

Neil Quigley

I rounded off the night in a bar listening to some live music. I caught the end of a band and then the first couple of songs of a guitar based trio. Both were ace and made a nice accompaniment to the final pint of Peroni that I was enjoying. After which it was then time to head off home to get some sleep. To be ready for another five show day on the Saturday. I was still a man on a mission.

As previously, I booked all my shows online and then collected the tickets when I reached the City Centre. The first thing I was going to see did not start until 12.30pm. Therefore I had slightly more time for brunch. So I found a really nice cafe near the Gilded Balloon area. Where I had scrambled egg on toast with bacon and a big pot of tea. This set me up nicely for the adventures ahead.

I decided to take a brief break from comedy and see a musical show. Being a fan of country music and a huge admirer of this lady. I went to see “The Dolly Parton Story”. It featured a guitarist and a female singer, unsurprisingly. There were pictures and a narration of her life story up on a big screen on the stage with the duo performing Dolly Parton songs, as the narrative progressed. It was nicely put together and very informative. I honestly learnt quite a lot of things that I did not know about her life and career.

The stars of the show were of course the two performers. They did a fantastic job doing those hugely well-known songs. I was a little bit concerned before it started as her songs are tough to sing. But the twenty-one year old singer nailed them brilliantly. I will let you in to a little secret “Coat of Many Colours” always makes me cry, it always has and I suspect it always will, every time I ever hear it. There was a nice feel to the show. It ended with us all up on our feet singing and dancing along to “9 to 5”. A perfectly performed show. It was a very enjoyable start to my final full day in Edinburgh.

The Dolly Parton Story

I have mentioned this before but I did a Stand Up Comedy course in Tring with Logan Murray, seven years ago now. One year before I did it, the man I went to see next did the same. He was a compere on the night I made my Tringe debut. Plus I have actually gigged with him on a couple of occasions. He always went down a storm. I went and saw him do his show last year. And I was really looking forward to seeing his latest offering this time around.

His name is Olaf Falafel. If you think that sounds familiar that might be because he won the Dave TV Channel Joke of the Fringe with his “I keep randomly shouting out Broccoli and Cauliflower, – I think I might have Florets” Which is from his show “Knitting with Maracas” He has featured in the top ten list for the last three years now, so you have to say he is consistent.

I ended up sitting on the front row for what was a sold out show. It is fair to say his comedy is very surreal and involves a large amount of audience interaction. I got asked a few questions, which I replied to admirably. Then I finished up being one of five people on stage with him near the end. Fame at last!

I am claiming that moment as my Edinburgh Fringe debut. Although it basically just involved me firing a cork gun. If you want to know why, you will just have to go and see the show for yourself. He is of course extremely funny and weirdly amusing. He writes clever and ridiculous jokes in equal measure. Bizarre and unexpected things happen. There is a loose narrative. But none of that really matters just submerge yourself in the madness and have a damn good old laugh. On top of all that he is a really nice bloke. Well done on your award mate, bravo!

Olaf Falafel
Olaf Falafel

I then took a couple of hours break from seeing shows, as I had a very important matter to attend to. I had to find a pub that was showing the Manchester City against Tottenham Hotspur game on television. Handily I managed to find one nearby that fulfilled this need. Blimey what a game! City were all over us, we sneaked a few goals to level it up. And thanks to VAR we somehow got a point from that match. I did not have time to analyse it much as I had to go and grab a quick bite to eat before going to see my next gig.

It was back to the Pleasance Dome for this one to see Seann Walsh. If you are not familiar with his comedy you may well know him from his appearance on the last series of Strictly Come Dancing. This does feature heavily in this new show which is called “After This One I am Going Home. It focuses on a weekend last Autumn where a silly and stupid mistake caused his world to pretty much fall apart. Granted it sounds pretty bleak but it is a very funny and honest show. Detailing how things in his life lead him to that moment and more shockingly in many ways what has happened to him since.

It is quite a raw and emotional show featuring some insights into his career and life, his love and clear passion for comedy and also some very good impressions. His time on Strictly does appear to have may be subtly altered some of the usual demographic at his gigs. This act is a work of theatre as much as a straight forward stand up show. As with lots comics he makes very good points about the world and life in a funny and amusing way. It is an extremely entertaining show. That will totally make you laugh, as you would expect from a man of his calibre.

Pleasance Courtyard

Next it was a brisk ten minute walk back to my favourite venue the Pleasance Courtyard to see someone who has become a bit of a cult figure in Edinburgh. His show this year is celebrating his tenth year at the festival. I had seen him take part in a comedy shorts show the previous year. But this was the first time I was to see one of his full shows in person. He is Marcel Lucont and his show is called “No Dix”

He is a very suave and sophisticated “Frenchman”. Who appears on stage drinking Red Wine and this time backed by a three piece Jazz Band. He sings a few parody songs, does some monologues over the music and talks to the audience quite a bit. Plus at this particular gig he expertly dealt with a latecomer creating a delightfully funny chat with him very much having the upper hand.

As it was an anniversary show at the end he was taking requests for previous routines that he had done in his time appearing here. I very much enjoyed his show. It was not the kind of thing I would normally go and see. But he had me laughing all the way through it. He maybe reminded me of how I act after a few glasses of a decent Red Wine.

Edinburgh Fringe
Edinburgh Fringe

The final show of my Edinburgh Fringe for this year took me back to my childhood. From a very early age I had been a big fan of this star. I have fond memories watching them on television as a kid. I am now of course an adult, which is why a show at quarter to midnight called “Basil Brush Unleashed” seemed far to good to miss. It was on at one of the Underbelly Venue’s. I was actually quite excited as I made my way in. I managed to get a seat four rows from the front with a great view of the stage.

Like the Biggin’s show it was set up as a kind of variety chat show. It features some fun and spoof videos. Which were played on the huge screen on stage. Basil appeared to a massive roar at the start. He then introduced his new “Mr”, who happens to be former Britain’s Got Talent finalist Martin Cable -Reid. He appeared on that show as Kevin Cruise. But now is back being a version at least, of himself as Basil’s partner in crime.

Somebody I used to work with is very good friends with him. In fact I believe he is a godparent to her children. He was brilliant and played his role perfectly. As it was the late night show there was lots of silly messing about. And of course some things and words that you would not normally expect Basil to say. That just made them even funnier. The guest was the wonderful musical comedian Vikki Stone. There are a few parts involving audience participation. The last of which predictably does not end well for “Mr Martin”.

I thought it was hilarious and amazing to finally see Basil live. Boom Boom! He gives us his own tribute to a well-known singer for the finale. There is no way that you cannot leave this show in anything other than a good mood. It was then time to head back for my final night as a student. And to finish off those Jaffa Cakes.

Basil Brush

The next morning I got up, packed and then headed for a full English breakfast at the cafe I went to the day before. I am very much your if it ain’t broke don’t fix it kind of guy. I then had a nice walk around the grounds of Edinburgh Castle followed by a quick visit to a few gift shops. Before it was time to get on the correct train and sit in my reserved seat for the journey back to London.

I had a brilliant time at the Festival. I managed to see twelve shows in total in the three days that I was there. Which I was pretty pleased with. It is a wonderful City. That always has lots of things going on. I am already looking forward to returning once again for next year’s Fringe.

Neil Quigley

Have fun and we will catch up again in a couple of weeks. Cheers Neil.

Edinburgh Fringe

Hi there, how are you doing? I hope you have had a really good couple of weeks. I spent one week recovering from my epic trip to America. Learning to live in England again. While getting used to working and not spending all day sightseeing. Then once I was in the groove again. I went up to Scotland for the weekend.

I had wanted to go to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for a long time. I managed to find a gap in my schedule. That fitted in with the month long event. Well a few days of it at least. When I was considering the idea. I stumbled across what I thought was some reasonably priced accommodation. So I booked it up online there and then. And the decision to go was made.

I then had to work out how to get there. I was thinking of the train at first. But I only had a few days. And that mode of transport would of have eaten in to my time. In the end I decided to fly from Luton to Edinburgh. I managed to find a suitable return flight with Easy Jet.

I knew a few people who were performing there. Who I had met through the Comedy Night. I did as part of the Tringe Festival, six years ago. That is the point where my interest in going to Edinburgh increased further. But it still took me all this time to make it happen.

Neil Quigley
Neil Quigley

I flew out from Luton late on the Thursday afternoon. Thanks to a small delay with the flight. I did not arrive in Scotland until after six.  As I wanted to get to the Bed and Breakfast. As quickly and easily as possible. I had ordered a meet and greet Taxi.

He was meant to be there waiting with my name on a board. When I got there. He wasn’t. It took me a good ten minutes to find him. Mind you when I did. He was holding the board with my name on. I will be honest it was not as magical, as I Imagined. I thought it might be a bit like Love Actually. But it very much was not.

Anyway we got through the Edinburgh traffic. He dropped me off at the Bed and Breakfast. That I had blindly booked on price alone. I did think it looked possible to walk to the City Centre from there. Once I did a little bit more research on the place just before I went.

I was met by the owner. Who was brilliant. He checked me in. And then offered to run me in to town in his own car. I cannot see Basil Fawlty doing that. I dumped my bag in the room and off we went. It was possible to walk there in about twenty minutes. But this was my first night. And as time was very tight. I wanted to get things going a soon as possible, so I accepted the lift.

He dropped me just before the Royal Mile. I needed some food. The first place I saw was a Pizza Express. So I was straight in there to get myself a table. A few days before I left I had made a list of a few acts I would like to see, if I possibly could. I wanted to see one show on the first night. I chose to see Gary Delaney from my list.

While I was waiting for my food. I ordered a ticket online for his show. The more well known comedians tend to sell out. So turning up at the venue and hoping for a ticket is risky. It is easier to book it online. There are several places where you can print out and collect your tickets. One of them was near me on the Royal Mile. I finished my Pasta dish. Then went to find it.

Edinburgh Fringe
Edinburgh Fringe

My first experience of the Royal Mile during the Festival was crazy. It was packed with people, street performers and littered with small stages with things happening on them. I located the ticket place and went in. A very helpful lady showed me what I needed to do to print out my ticket. She also gave me a handy map featuring all the venues. And she scribbled the route on it. That I needed to get to where Gary Delaney was playing later.

He was at the Pleasance. Which is one of the main venues. Of which there are about four or five. They all have multiple rooms of differing sizes at the same location. They are all surrounded by their own little village’s with bars and food outlets. Plus seats and tables to meet people at. I got there in good time for the gig. So I thought I would try a pint of the Edinburgh Festival Ale. Which was actually pretty nice, to be fair.


The show was in the Pleasance Beyond. The ticket gets you in. Then depending on where you were in the queue. It will determine where you sit. Before the show started. He had some music playing. With jokes from his Twitter feed displayed on a giant screen on the stage. These were already making me laugh. So I knew I was going to be in for a good time.

I had seen him a few times of various television shows. I was also aware of his work from other shows that he has written for. He is married to Sarah Millican. And he wrote for her TV Programme. He is  a teller of short, smart and snappy jokes. So reels off a lot of very funny and clever one liners.

He breaks them up a little. By using the screen on stage for a few bits and pieces. He had an actual paper pile of gags. That he had removed from the show for being potentially borderline in taste and decency. Every time a joke got a big ooh from the audience. He selected one of these jokes to read at the end. We were having such a good time. We were just reacting in that way for fun. And to hear some more jokes at the end.

The show was very funny. He admitted himself that he used to be a dead pan comic. But now he is enjoying telling the jokes so much. He even makes himself laugh on occasions. Which I think is great.

It was an excellent start to my first Fringe. I just happened to be outside having another pint of the Fringe Ale. When he left the venue to have a well deserved drink with some friends of his in the courtyard. It is not all rock and roll this comedy.

I saw quite a lot of comedians walking about. While I was there. Most are only doing one or two shows a day. So they have lots of time on their hands. Plus all comics love comedy. So they are also trying to see as many shows as they can. And catch and support all their mates performances.

Neil Quigley
Neil Quigley

I saw Marcus Brigstocke, Sarah Pascoe, Nina Conti, Lucy Porter and Hal Cruttenden to mention but a few. I just saw the one gig on the first night. I thought I would ease myself in gently. So after I had finished my beer. It was back to the B & B to grab some sleep.

I was up reasonably early the next day. After enjoying a full Scottish Breakfast. Which appears to be an English fry up. Just in Scotland. I went back to my room to plan my day. I wanted to see Silky’s show called Zuiq. Plus fellow former Tringe Rover Olaf Falafel’s “There is No I in Idiot. And the man behind the Tringe Festival himself Ben Moorhouse. Who is there putting on intimate gigs in his vintage cinema van called Audrey. Under the guise of the Reel Comedy Club. See what he has done there.

I booked tickets for Silky and Reel Comedy via the Edinburgh Fringe website. I also got one for Matt Forde for that evening. I had seen him do a very small warm up gig in Berkhampsted about five years ago. Since then he has got his own television and radio shows. So I thought it was time for me to see him again. Olaf’s show was part of the Free Fringe. No tickets are required. You just arrive at the venue and hope there is room to get in.

I messaged Silky before I left the hotel to tell him I was coming to the gig. He suggested I see Alex Love perform at a venue right next to his. Before his show began. I had the time to do it. So I left for the City Centre. This time taking the lovely walk through the park to get there. I picked up all my pre-ordered tickets for the day. From my now usual box office along the Royal Mile. Then went to where Alex Love was playing.

I managed to get a ticket for his gig there. His show was called “How To Win A Pub Quiz.” The first half was his tips on how to achieve this. With plenty of jokes of course thrown in. The second half. He put us in to teams. And did a little fun Pub Quiz. My team finished fifth. The whole hour was good fun. It was nice to see someone new.

I had about five minutes to get to Silky’s gig. However that was just over the road. So I made it in plenty of time. I have seen him perform quite a few times in Tring over the years. He is always brilliant. I have been lucky enough to have a pint and chat with him to after gigs. He is a top fella. The show he is doing “Zuiq” is a lunchtime reverse Quiz.

He gives the audience Trivial Pursuit Cards. Puts them in to teams. There are then several funny rounds. Where people read out their favourite answer from their cards. While Silky either has to give the correct question or make the audience laugh with his made up one. If he achieves either. He gets a point. Every team can get points. It is in a way the whole room against him. He won!

It is all done in such a fun, inclusive and extremely entertaining way. The atmosphere is so relaxed. He also plays the guitar and sings. So there are some musical interludes.

It is basically just lots of fun. And I must admit it was educational to. I actually learnt a few things. If you are in Edinburgh before the end of the Festival. You must check this out. It is on everyday 1.15pm at The Stand Comedy Club.

Silky is also doing a full stand up show at night. I really wanted to see this to. But annoyingly I simply ran out of time. I really cannot stress how many different and brilliant shows are on up there. You cannot possibly get to see everything you want to. Either because they clash time wise. Or as you cannot get between the venues in time because some of them are so spread out.

Silky at Roving Comedy Night
Silky at Roving Comedy Night

Talking of which I only got the chance to have a really quick chat with Silky at the end of his show. Before I had to dash off for the twenty minute walk. To see Olaf Falafel perform at the Pear Tree. I saw him do his previous Edinburgh Show at the Museum of Comedy last year.

So I was looking forward to this new one. It did not disappoint. I have been lucky enough to gig with him a couple of times over the years.  He always goes down well with the audience. He has a very good act.

His latest show is funny, amusing, entertaining and surreal. There are some very good and clever actual jokes in it to. He does seem to always manage to get one of his jokes. In the best jokes lists of the Festival.

He is such a confident and assured performer. Which is great to see. I really enjoyed it and would recommend seeing it. If you fancy some silly and joyful fun. I managed to grab a quick word with him after. It was really nice to catch up, albeit very briefly.

My Dead Funny Badge
My Dead Funny Badge

Next there was just time to grab a bite to eat in Bella Pasta. Before strolling across Edinburgh to The Assembly Rooms. Where Audrey the Vintage Cinema Bus was parked. I arrived there and grabbed a quick drink. Before seeing its proprietor and curator of comedy Ben Moorhouse. It is a lovely little cosy venue. Their were four comics and a MC on the bill. For the comedy gig that I had booked.

It was basically comedians doing about ten minute set’s. As a bit of a teaser for their full solo comedy shows. They are doing elsewhere.  Like everywhere at the Fringe. The atmosphere was fun and friendly. Apart from one bit of good natured heckling from a gentlemen in the audience towards the end. Heckling is actually quite rare at gigs.

I had a catch up with Ben. He was looking very dapper in a stylish waist coast. He was really enjoying the Fringe. And having a great time. Seeing so many comedians come and play in his lovely little mobile venue.


Finally for my fifth and final gig of the day. It was back again to The Pleasance. To see Matt Forde’s “Brexit Through The Gift Shop”. It was a hilariously brilliant show. He is an excellent comedian. And a really good impressionist of Politicians and World Leaders.

His take on Donald Trump. Is truly a thing of wonder. I was even more impressed. As everyday now there is a new political scandal seemingly. So to keep a show like this topical and up to date. He must have to re-write bits of it every other day.

I am not the worlds biggest political expert. But I understood everything he was talking about. And most importantly found it very funny. It was a top hour of entertainment. I am glad that I made the decision to see it. As it is fair to say that there was quite a bit of competition in that time slot. Great fun!

Edinburgh Fringe
Edinburgh Fringe

At this point I decided I had probably had enough comedy for one day. Therefore I went to find a couple of bars with some live music. I had a drink in a pub on the Royal Mile. That had a guy playing guitar and singing in. Then I stopped off at the Grey Friars Bobby Pub for one. To see another singer in there on my way “home”.

I am a big fan of Frank Skinner and he used to do a very funny routine. Questioning the loyalty of Grey Friars Bobby. When I was in the pub having my drink. That is the first thing that sprung to mind. After a full day of enjoying live performances. I decided it was time to call it a night.

My first mission on the Saturday was to find a Sports Bar. That I could watch Newcastle against Tottenham Hotspur in. I managed to find one. Which was no easy feat bearing in mind that Hearts were playing Celtic at the same time. Luckily I found a place. That had at least two of their televisions showing the English game. I was very happy with the three points away. We rode our luck but a win is a win. It was a great start my day.

Neil Quigley
Neil Quigley

After my Sporting interlude. It was back to the comedy. Before I went to Edinburgh, as I said. I had picked out a few shows. That I would like to see, if I got the chance to. One of these was from a comedian and impressionist. Who also does parody songs called Naomi McDonald. I spotted her gig somewhere. It seemed a bit different. Therefore I tracked down the venue she was playing at and caught her performance.

I thought she was brilliant. Her impressions were spot on. She does a fantastic Fearne Cotton and Katie Price. Plus she does talking and singing Adele impressions. Both of which are amazing, It was a fun and entertaining show. I will definitely keep an eye out for her in the future.

I had about an hour before my next show. So I popped in to a London favourite of mine. And went to Bryon Burger. The service in there is normally very quick. But as they were so busy. It was a bit slower than I was expecting. Which meant I was tight on time getting to my next location.

To make it on time. I had to jog there. It was on the way there. That I decided to get into the spirit of the Fringe. With some Performance Art of my own. As I was running I tripped on the pavement. Shouted “penalty”, for a moment it looked like I would recover and stay on my feet. But then I went crashing to the ground. Somehow I managed to break my fall. And get away with a slight bruise on my hand. All those years watching The Fall Guy, as a kid must have paid off.

I jumped straight back up and continued on my way to see a show. I had been wanting to see for ages. It did a long run in the West End of London. But I never managed to see it there. It won an Olivier Award to. However in Edinburgh. I finally got a ticket. And made it there for the start of the performance.

It was Show Stopper – “The Improvised Musical”. And it was brilliant. It does exactly what it says on the tin. They take the title suggestions from the audience. The audience also get to say where it is set. And they can give four different musical styles that the songs the show contains have to be performed in.

Then it is over to the amazing cast. Who have to improvise a whole sixty minute musical. Making up dialogue and song lyrics on the spot. The one I saw was based around an Australian Hen do. It was ace. I have watched less entertaining musicals. That have been written and produced. The actors are top quality. Super talented people. It is another one well worth seeing. If you do ever get the chance.

Next it was Pete Firman with his latest comedy and magic show. That was brilliant. He is a really funny and likeable performer. And a top quality magician. Prior to this I had not been to a magic show for  years. And with this one there was the added bonus of the laughs along the way to.

I grew up seeing Paul Daniels on television. This is possibly the closest I have seen to that. I hope that Pete Firman takes that as the compliment. It is meant to be. It is a feel good show. He is taking it on tour later this year. And it is one you should try to catch. The tricks are great and you will have a good laugh.

Fringe Arty Shot
Fringe Arty Shot

Finally I went to The Gilded Balloon. To see the late night Set List Show. This is where four comedians come on to perform a brand new act. But they have no idea what it will include. Until they walk on stage. The subject of each routine. They must do. Is flashed up on the screen behind them on stage. They see it at the same time as the audience do. Then they must try to come up with jokes about it.

It is obviously a little hit and miss. But that is the whole point of the game. It is a challenge for them. And fun for the people watching. The best two on the night were Carl Donnelly. Who opened the show. And Marcel Lucont who closed it. I am not sure if it is something I would like to try. It looked pretty stressful for all of them. But it was a good giggle. And a fitting way to end my first Edinburgh Fringe experience.

There were so many shows that I wanted to see. That either clashed with each other. Or the venues were so far part. That I could not get between them on time. But you cannot go wrong. The chances are anything you see will be entertaining. Plus there is something nice and rewarding in taking a punt on something or someone new and enjoying it. There is so much talent in that City for the month.


After a final night in the Bed and Breakfast. It was time to head to the airport and fly home. I chose to take the Tram there. Which was only six pounds. And actually quite a fun and relaxing way to get to my plane. I had a brilliant time at The Edinburgh Fringe and would love to go back there again. If the opportunity ever arises.

Neil Quigley
Neil Quigley

Have fun and we will catch up again in a couple of weeks. Cheers Neil